Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas

Ho ho ho,
Merry Christmas people.

You know what K's telling me right now, "some people can't spell". What am I supposed to do if she can't spell??

And K, I want a Christmas present. I've been telling you since the last one month. And yes, now I want a double treat, one for Christmas and the other for the time I will repay your thousands of rupees ;-)

Love ya all,
Sayonara (somehow, right now I'am liking its sound)

Btw, K and Bond have been formatting and re-formatting, installing and uninstalling, and then again, formatting and re-reformatting, then installing and uninstalling, formatting and re-formatting, and doing all sorts of stuff with the comp, so half the stuff is still uninstalled, so I'am unable to scan my trip pictures. As soon as I'am, I will post them with a fresh new post.

Also, K wants to post about some crabs... God save her readers!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

K's backless friend!

Lets get serious people. Everyone everywhere talks of copyright infringement. Kathak has also put a copyright notice on Ek Kathak Aur Uski Kathayen as well as on Precious Pearl. And the very same Kathak allowed someone to copy parts of her DSP paper, and also told that girl some formulae.

A one time incident, though it wouldn't be right under any circumstance, it could pass of unnoticed. But the girl who was helped, and her basic attitude of being a total parasite does't aid the cause but makes her crime more henious.

1. She's always been trying to copy K's papers, and K some semesters ago told her that "I don't like or encourage the concept of copying. I'm sorry but whatever else i may do, I will not tell you stuff". And she said she herself doesn't like the concept (In spite of asking K if she could help a little during the paper)
2. She asked K some stuff during the first two papers and K ignored.
3. Third paper was RMT, and K didn't tell her stuff and told her that the examiner was staring at K so its dangerous. The girl retorted back with "You have some weird interest in being the class joker and attracting attention. Its your fault that the examiner looks at you". Also implying that its your fault that I can't copy! Then she also tells her ABC and XYZ copy right under the examiner's nose, and behind K's back MNO and PQR also copy. So what's her problem in life! And K couldn't tell that girl to copy from them if they're so open with the paper.
4. Before the 4th paper, she gave K a big lecture, including "If you don't want to show me anything, don't. If I don't know, I won't write it in the paper, simple". Eeesshh... isn't that what everyone does. If they don't know, they don't write. But the tone she used was telling K that she's doing K a favour by copying K's paper and clearing the year or whatever.
5. I believe in that paper at the end K whispered something, but nothing significant enough for her to copy.
6. The last paper.... the examiner guy wasn't paying much attention, sort of cool with all the whispering going on and stuff. It seems that happens a lot in COEP (Govt. College of Engg. Pune) and one of K's friend commented, "humara college aaj COEP ho gaya!". And the girl made most use of it. She asked something to the college topper who answered "Cascade/Parallel". Enough of a hint if you knew that the question was on digital filters to be implemented in either cascade or parallel form. But no, this girl had to wait for K to give her a step by step solution. (I got the technical from K, though I don't know what it means, but still put it in for those of you who could understand whatever that is). There were some more things that she took step by step from K. Another one thing on somethign called circular convolution (whatever that is) when she had her internal viva the proffie guy had asked something related and then given a 5 minute explaination. Because the stuff wasn't very clear in their local author. But then this girl has such a poor memory that she couldn't solve somethign the profie had given a one on one explaination for!!!!!!!!

Actually k should be writing the technical part.
1. because I don't understand anything of it, so I might smudge the details
2. beause she should be concerned

But irritatingly she is totally blase. Which is wrong.
K... why the hell do you need to associate yourself with that girl?
Why do you need to "maintain cordial relations"?
And WHY... when you yourself think it is wrong.

And people, what takes the icing on the cake is, after all that, rather than being tankful to K, she tells another girl, "Its because I shouted at her the other day, that she let me copy". What the hell was that????????????????????? Had I been there, I would have broken her jaw.

Copying is WRONG.
And K, letting someone copy is also wrong. Even if she turns around and looks at your paper, you can leave the question and write something that can't be copied, and come back to that later. I don't give a damn about how you prevent her, but you should have. PERIOD.

Monday, December 20, 2004


Dear lovely people,

I am honouring your request and continuing with the Kronicles.
Kathak, has now become an ambulance! That's right. Here, she was a motorbike but now is an ambulance. She also believes she's a random sound generator and will keep generating absurd sounds till she suddenly realises that people are listening to her and the stops abruptly and starts laughing like an insane woman.... or realises that she's an ambulance and goes back to making the sound of a siren. Maybe she keeps alternating between that of a police jeep and an ambulance.... split personality disorder!

And, did I ever tell you about the pigeon sounds? No.... well she always keeps making them, when she's not an ambulance, a motorbike, a random sound generator that is!

And tomorrow is our school fete. And I'm going to have a party. Yippppeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Rajasthan Files 1

So lets start from the very beginning. A very good place to start. When we read we begin with ABC, when we sing we begin with…Hey wait a minute. This is about m trip. So lets start all over again.

Here you read all about preparations and making lots and lots of plans. And all of you know that Mags and me went together for shopping. And Chivda had separated me and Mags during the train journeys.

Now here comes the twist in the story. One girl from our group wanted to go to Mag’s group, and so Ladoo let Mags come to my group. So now everything is fine… we are moving on and on ando n and on and… well, we’re still moving on! The train started at around six forty. Can you imagine my nightmare at bedtime?

I anyways can never sleep in the train.
Our seat nos were 1-6, right near the bathroom and door. And
My seat no. was 4!!

How could I sleep? What if I got pasted? But I did not, infact I myself did the pasting!!!! (btw for the illiterate ones, maybe like all of you, the term ‘pasting’ means putting tooth paste all over someone’s face, or ‘getting pasted’ means someone coming and putting paste over you). And poor Mags, she wanted to sleep, but the girl on seat no. 6 was also awake and we were both talking for quite some time, fell asleep in due course only to find ourselves at Surat! Around five I woke Mags, but she yelled at me like my Mummy and went back to sleep. Again at six thirty I woke her, but she started yelling. So I waited till seven, but again she wanted to sleep. But she had to wake up at the end, and she did! Once Mags was ready she started telling everyone how I kept her awake. Gawwwd. She slept like a log. How much will she sleep??

It was a fun trip, lotsa songs and games and sleeping and talking and photography! But the best part of this trip was that I had stood at the door of the train when everyone was asleep! That takes the cake!! To end this section, enjoy the beautiful mountains which I believe are the Aravalies.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Google Ads

I have, like other ordinary mortals succumed to the lure of the greenback. Please note the Google Ads in the sidebar, and feel free to click on them, if any catch your fancy! It shall all be in the greater cause of generating money!

Friday, December 03, 2004

RSP is Dangerous

Ta daa!! I'm into my RSP final platoon. Yeah! Rejoice. I'm so excited. I just came home a few minutes ago, and my heart is till jumping. I couldn't even ride back home properly. First of all, I was unable to even get out of my school gate. Then I was peddling so fast. But my friend managed to keep up with the speed. Then nothing happend, but I managed to land my self into a pile of gravel and almost fell down. But, but, but, the angels were smiling down on me and yet again, I was out of it safely. Then for some time I rode quite normally except for the fact I was a liitle too fast. Thank goodness my dad was not there. He would have prohibited me from riding my bike again. Then yet again, something went wrong. I almost dropped me and my bike on my friend. She was so terrified. Poor baby!

But this was the don't know what adjective to use...funny or scary part of it all. Our school bus came along and stopped one lane before my lane. That is a very narrow part, so I had to stop my bike because I was unable to go from the right due to some cars. There were these two thelewalas, I mean the ones with the haath gadis in front of us. My friends from the bus waved out, and I also very happily waved out to them. I did not use my brakes and went and hit one of the thelewala. I hit his leg, but he was able to walk, so I conclude that he musn't have got hurt badly. And then i didn't give him a single chance to speak a word till he went, I just kept saying Sorry. He also gave moi such a dirty and scary look na. And after that I just came home. Alive.

And Kathak laughed, when I narrated this to her!

Btw... I pukka promise will post the Rajasthan Files soon enough!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A useless post

I've come across bloggers. Most of them (that I've come across) are mail... sorry male.

Then I came across a female blogger. Like a girl and all.

Then I told Kathak, "Didi... here's a female blogger"

Then She, who must not be named said, "Err... and I am..... ?"

"You're a freak... and freaks are neither male's nor females. They can't be classified. Not under any such category. Its a third category all together"

Silence. Dead Silence. She didn't even laugh
Never mind... Like *she who must not be named although I named her once in this post* would say - Tomorrow is another day!