Tuesday, July 04, 2006


The five basic elements of nature-fire, water, space, wind, earth – and harnessing these - has been man’s greatest achievement towards not only his own development but also that of his environment. It was only when man learnt to understand and control the powers of these elements was he able to realize success.


The thought of which conjures images of warmth, power, intensity, unrelenting survival, passionate beauty.

Fire – an element that aided and abetted man’s foray into knowledge; to quote well known and world famous author Kathak, “Right from the time the early man discovered fire, there started this unremitting process of development.”

Fire with all its annihilating powers, has facilitated life. Picture this: It is the intense heat of fire that is necessary for the continuation of redwood forests!?!!!! The heat that causes the tough redwood seeds to burst open. From striking flint stones against each other to striking phosphorus matches against rough surfaces… there’s been the use of fire from the Homo sapiens’ era to today for protection, warmth, landscaping, forging metals, and all along the way for cooking food- an ingenious way of fighting diseases. And…interestingly or not, a Barber in Africa also uses fire for hairstyling!!

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