Sunday, July 31, 2005

Dear World,

Dear World,
Have you been missing me? It's been quite a long time since we've met. And in that time, a lot of things have happened.

I celebrated my birthday. I went to the Ninth Standard. I'm a big girl now. I aldready wrote a Unit Test. Tried my hand at C. Told that older sister of mine to teach me C++ and she taught me for 10 minutes and then told me that because I don't know C she will not teach me C++! An all the while I was thinking I knew C!!! Oh and, my sister has officially become a "teacher"... talk about weird happenings! But when I ask her about "classes" in C++, she asks me about "structures" from C and we go into an infinite loop!

Read lots of novels (authors I had never read before you know), and till now I loved Airport the best. You know Airport, by Arthur Hailey, don't you? Oh! It's a wonderful novel. It's huge, but two days should be enough. It hasn't even got a very sad ending like "Evening News", in which Arther Hailey murdered my Hero in the end. I even read "To Cut a long story short" by Jeffrey Archer, which is a collection of short stories, classics if I may call them that; "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown, "To sir with love" by E.R. Braithwaite, which is a wonderful story of a black engineer in London, who is unable to find employment so takes up teaching kids in school, about how he transforms the life of these unfortunate children and gets himself accepted at the school, with the children; and many other novels I can't recall right now. I even tried to read the original "Julius Caeser" by Shakespeare, but gave up beacause it was too difficult to understand, so I got an abridged edition of six Shakespeare plays, and realised that in all his "Tragic" plays, everyone dies at the end. I saw the movie "Parineeta", in the end of which Saif Ali Khan uproots a fountain and with it breaks a wall that separates his house from his lover's.

Then I did bowling myself for the first time, and realised that its not as simple as it looks. But I did managed to srike off all ten pins once! I got addicted to "spellathon" and "Su-doku" and passed on the addiction of Su-doku to Kathak, and Bond, and now K has turned into a very cheap Su-doku theif, who tries to solve Su-doku's when I'm writing my exams. We even had our official Su-doku fight where we tore the newspaper into two fighting over who will solve the Su-doku. And she's sitting and solving Su-doku's like her life depends on it and doesn't read my post.

Amusing time, ain't it?