Thursday, August 25, 2005

My sister is a monk

This happened even before we reached home from my school. Me. My friend. My sister. We, were all coming home from school. My sister had come to pick me and my friend from school. We were playing a word building game and my sister tried to act too smart by saying 's' after lac to make laceration. But we innocent creatures did not know and we became 'm's for challenging her. So we decided to take revenge.

My sister started the word with 'p', and said p for parrot. So we made parrots and she became an 'm'. And slowly we turned her into an monk. It was lucky that my friend's house came, else befor you can wink, she would have been a monkey.... :D

Well, but a monkey she anyways is.
All of us know she teaches at Aptech.
The same Aptech from where I had once learned C programming.
And then she comes across this lady who was on a break and rejoined some days ago. So she asks me if I knew any lady who was in my batch and was on a break. So I say yes. Then she describes her physical attributes (okayish height-skinny-fair etc etc) which sort of match my lady. So we look for more matches and then she gives me the most vital piece of information - "Her husband is a software program". Please note Ladies and gentlemen, the lady's husband is a software *program*!!!!

If that wasn't enough, we come across a lock on the road without a key. So, Ms. Teacher at Aptech says "Lets pick that lock up". I tell her, "it has no key", so she says "We'll change the lock". Errr... smart babe, your point being?

The Kronicles #lost count is dedicated to Sudha Anna, for whom this is posted on special request! others can also make special requests, I like attention which my sister never gives me any, but gives her students and friends. She even takes Mathi Bhaiyya on the highway but not me. She even teaches RS at Aptech but not me. But she types my posts and reads my Science paper but we can ignore such minor details.

Monday, August 15, 2005

दिवस की

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I want



P.S: Will someone please explain the cold coffee joke to me?

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Moon Walk

This is the first of many of Bond's Photographs that he had taken during his IIT Roorkee (then University of Roorkee) days i.e between 1972 to 1976. Bond won photography awards in his first and second year of engineering, after which he was debarred from competing as the college reasoned and I paraphrase "as long as you compete no one else has the remotest chance of winning"! He after that, held solo photography exhibitions in the university campus, ofcourse non competing!

This one is titled "Moon Walk" and it traces the path of the moon in a span of approximately 12 minutes. It was taken by a Yashika 635 twin lens reflex. The path was captured by keeping the shutter open for the time duration.

moon walk