Sunday, April 24, 2005

Maxims of Worldly Precepts - An entire baker's dozen of them

My exams are finally over and I got my results! People I messed up my maths I and II papers, and my science, and my marathi ... still I think I'm either rank 2 or 3... hopefully 2, but then there's 7+6+13+whatever in marathi I could have scored more.

Some new things I learnt from my darling sister

1. If you lose your keys, you can "call" the keys just like you call the cell to locate it. Universal method eh?
2. If you lose your journal sheets, before you check your own files you call your friend just to discover they are not with her but they are at your own house, in your very file where you file everything.
3. To get exercise, you go and pick up the photographs from FotoFast walking... that's 20 minutes each way. But to get more exercise, you drag Pearl along... it seems that improves the metabolic rate. Ya whatever.
4. To lose weight even faster, you make sure Pearl doesn't go for a walk at the same time you are out... even when Pearl can keep the speed with which you walk.
5. To lose even more more weight, you eat pedha's that have been brought from Shirdi... frozen.
6. The best way to clear your own wardrobe is to get inside Pearl's wardrobe and throw away her favourite clothes.
7. You ask Pearl to search for details of your "idea cell" number, on a BSNL site.
8. You don't want to let Pearl ride the scooty because you believe she is not very stable, while you, who hasn't been riding it for over 12 months now still feel you're highly stable when you take turns at 65 kph.
9. When you go shopping for Pearl's clothes, you end up buying 2 lipstics and a kajal pencil, when you have never in your life till date (barring one or two "saree occasions") ever used any of these things... and then you find it highly amusing that the "seller guy" was showing you the colour on your hand... and you find it more amusing when he gives you cotton and cream to get rid of it.
10. Again, when you go shopping for Pearl's clothes, you get Pearl to help you decide what looks better on you, the Blue or the Red, instead of the other way round.
11. You insist that the broken piece of jewellery in Pearl's hand is a "tika" which is to be worn in the head when its actually a part of a bangle.
12. Everytime Pearl pours herself a glass of water, you drink it yourself and insist it is your birthright!
13. And most important of all, you never buy your younger sister any birthday gifts saying that
she never reads the books you bought and all the stuff that she knows from the books, she must just have guessed.

I'm enlightened. Thanks so much K. You're a genius, You really are.