Thursday, January 20, 2005

Pearl Returns, with the Kronicles - 4

Hi there all you lovely people

Pearl is back
Back again
Yes she's back
Back again

With the Kronicles, part 4

Kathak is obsessed. Not with her weight which she should be, but with everyone else growing fat.

There were these people coming over for dinner, and mom's asking K to help her decide the menu. And after sometime, after some deep contemplation K says "Don't make paneer and fried alu sabji, the guy will grow fat"

And then there was the Punjabi Monkey. We were on what K calls the merry go round, and were lazily strolling and chatting when this fellow, the Punjabi Monkey after a jog which according to K (and her *informed sources* ) was for some 30 minutes interlaced with walking, this guy suddenly sits down and starts SMSing someone or playing a game, at I guess 11:30 or so in the night. And K suddenly out of the blue goes like "Hell... he'll put on weight on his butts, tell him to stroll for sometime before sitting" And my sweet little K was so worried, like it was her putting on the fat and not the Punjabi Monkey!

Oh well K, Chillax !! And he's got his girlfriend/mother/wife to worry for him !!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Keeping with the Tradition

Ladies, gentlemen and the august readership of Pearl's blog. As you would be aware, my name's on the side bar there but haven't seen many posts from me here... not posts that really matter, atleast!

You would also be aware of the tradition that the blog follows to rip apart my personal life piece by piece making it an open blog for all to read. I shall now proceed to retun the favour to Precious little Pearl! Here come, the Pearl Chronicles!

Ever since the "i'll make you warm" conversation Pearl has caught this compulsion to over hear every conversation when she's out on the road. So based on the conversations, we have "the Punjabi monkey" the "XYZ idiot" that could translate into XYZ Ass, Donkey etc.

Today the kid was walking on, and there's this dog running round and round, like he was on a merry-go-round! And then there were our assorted Monkeys, Donkeys and then there was me! Having braved the dogs that pounced on the kid a few days ago, and to bear with a pigeon for a sister who tells her to ignore them and walk, a totally frustrated Pearl comes up with

Where am I?
It doesn't help that the dog is running all around
And there are a mixture of Donkeys and Monkeys
And you, also have to be the pigeon right now, right here

And now for the punch line

Is this an animal farm?????