Friday, December 26, 2008

Proof of the Pudding is in the Pudding itself

That’s another gem from K. I could write a collection of her words of wisdom, but maybe we could use that post to redeem the self respect she’s going to lose once this post is made.

K is trying (desperately) to complete an MBA at AIM, Manila. She’s been there since August and now she has come to India for a short vacation. When she went to Manila, Bond took her to Thailand, and went to drop her off at Manila and get her settled down in Manila. So with Bond around, she didn’t have to worry about travel formalities. But this time, she was traveling alone. So Bond was afraid she might get lost and depressed in all the big airports of the world. So he sent her an e-mail explaining to her in detail how to go about immigration and customs. Also, he sent her a scanned copy of a blank arrival card, front as well as back. Then he also sent her a completed sample copy of the arrival card, the sample being her details. Also, he wrote out instructions at certain steps about where the card must be submitted and who will stamp what and where. He also asked her to thoroughly check out the sample form, print and keep a copy with her to use as a reference while filling the actual arrival form, which K did as soon as she received Bond’s e-mail. After sending the e-mail, Bond probably realized that K might print out copies of the arrival card herself and submit those, so he sent her another e-mail explaining to her that she will be given the arrival card on the flight, and in case she is not given one, then she need not worry, or be prepared with her own copies, she can collect one after landing, just before the immigration counter.

He also wrote, “After collecting your baggage from the belt, move towards the customs and look for the Green Channel. You may have to put your baggage through the X-Ray there and if you are lucky, the customs guy may tell you to move on without the X-Ray. In any case you do not need to worry whether the baggage goes through the X-Ray or you move out just like that. Then follow the exit sign and I will be there waiting for you.” Maybe, recession has hit Bond too, and therefore he has a lot of futile time to spend in writing out these instructions for K. I just hope it passes away soon.

And besides Bond, even a classmate of K has been striving to idiot proof her existence. On a casual chat, he started giving her pointers regarding immigration and customs in Manila and how to go about paying the tax at the airport and how much the cab ride to the airport should cost, and how much money she must carry, etc.

Btw, an Update: I now know the reason K why K wanted to give her laptop away to a courier delivery guy. It was just a cheap trick to get a new laptop. In any case, without giving the laptop away, she got a new laptop, and since then, the old laptop has been safe.

Also, we have a spare scanner. It’s as good as new. Ever since we bought it, it has been forgotten in our loft. So it’s an un-used scanner. It will be found to be extremely useful for people who need to prove their honesty by means of scanning certain documents and e-mailing them to prove their stories. The cost is negotiable. Also, since a cousin will be traveling to Delhi, Rampur, Delhi, some place, then the USA, anyone living in any of the afore mentioned places will get a special discount on delivery charges.


At 2:04 PM, April 19, 2009, Blogger Daneshia said...

Hey Pearl,
appreciate your style! very crisp :)
i especially liked your usage 'to idiot proof her existence' :D


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