Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It's Her Birthday Today

I don't know why, but recently my sister refuses to recognize me, she stares at me in the middle of the night thinking I'am an alien, then decides I'am her colleague and goes back to sleep. She also refuses to register my wishes, I've been trying since twelve o'clock. However, at exactly this moment, she says the gift I got her is beautiful. And since five in the morning she has been asking me to get chocolates from closed shops which will be fed to me, 'cos she thinks its okay if I put on weight, but she can't put on weight eating all those chocolates I buy... this is what happens when people sleep for only 4 hours a day. 12 hours in 3 days, and my bully sister needs 16 hours of sleep a day to quote the birthday baby herself!

But my Shona Babes is still very lovable!!

Happy Birthday Shona Babes!!!

P.S. My post is bigger than Mathi Bhaiyya's post :P

P.P.S She likes colour