Saturday, September 24, 2005

The typist from hell

She's mad. She hates Paneer and Chocolates with nuts. and she types just about anything under the sun. She's even typing this then hyphen, her own - what is "ninda" in english, whatever is it, write that.

She's absurd, and word I utter she types. I don't know what to type, you type. Wait, I got it will you stop stealing my papaya and type? Its also called pawpaw, type pawpaw, I like the sound of it. Shut up, its called - check wordweb. OMG mummy's come with afresh stock of pawpaws, you type, I'll eat. You hog, give them to me and type. Sorry Mathi Bhaiyya, Sudha Anna and Danny and Revs. My sister is a freak. She's even planning to wear orange and red coloured clothes to office. You see her office loves rainbows so she's wearing the colours of the rainbows. Didi, shut up, there is only one rainbow and not multiple rainbows. She even has Violet and Indigo clothes. The blue and green and orange and red. Where is yellow? But she even had yellow clothes. Didi, give the keyboard, give the keyboard ya. You're such a pest. Give me that keyboard this instant. I'll drwon you in a pot of, type na, pot of pawpaws now. Baby spell drown and d-r-o-w-n. Now she'll write that also. Hey bhagwan, kar kalyan. Now listen, type seriously, don't type nonsense and if you don't type sense after this sentence then i'll drown you in a pot of pawpaws.

What was the purpose of this post btw? Didi that question was adressed to you. Erase it if you don't want to see that pot of pawpaws. Come aside, I'll type. Thank you for your services. Now come. Okay, don't come but type sense.

The post was about Chocolate and Nuts and Paneer on special request from Mathi Bhaiyya. But bhaiyya, let's keep that for the next time as I can't think any further after what my typist has done. and my typist keeps telling me to do that compliated C project before the month ends. She's such a big bully in life :(

Love you all!