Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lovely, Helping People,

We (K and I) are in need of help. I need help, because our lovely K, light as a feather, K has jumped on and broken my right hand.

But K needs more help than I do. I don’t know the reason, but it looks like she is feelings really rich and charitable. Today, a courier delivery man came to deliver a courier and asked for a pen. So K felt such an intense connection with the man, that she severed all connections between us and snatched the laptop I was using, disconnected the mouse, picked it up, and took it out of the study room to the courier delivery man and started giving it to him.

Therefore, People, please be good to us and help us out.

Btw, I need someone knowledgeable to kindly explain to me how to make a pdf file of the music of Jab We Met. Or if you can't explain to me how to create it, then please explain to K that it cannot be created.

Thank You,

P.S. Please do not ask K for any writing material till the matter is sorted, so that I may also be able to get an education. Although I now feel that the pursuit of education ruins you completely.

P.P.S. Another reason why she needs help is because she claims I can only blog in Italian over her dead body, although I am the one who has interacted with Italians longer than her. Actually, she has NEVER met any Italians in her life. And contrary to her claims, she has never even gone to this particular restaurant in Pune, where she claims to have met her Italian spouse. In case you don’t understand any of this, it is all her fault.


At 3:45 AM, December 13, 2007, Blogger S m i t h a said...

broke her hand? laptop to a delivery man? mp3 on a pdf? italian restaurant?
what is going on there i pune?

At 4:53 PM, December 13, 2007, Blogger Pearl said...

Mathi Bhaiyya!! Nothing much. Just TOTAL chaos. Cool, na?

At 10:17 AM, December 20, 2007, Anonymous Big Brother said...

K jumped on ur hand.. did ya sue her?
If ya haven't then u shud at the earliest.

Alzo, Mike here says that the Italien guy is for Real and u stop envying ur sister just bcoz u r not old enough to have an italien or even an indien spouse.

And one more thing... u can create pdf of Mp3's.. and to learn how to do that.. first clear the Dues.

At 7:37 PM, February 10, 2008, Blogger Lively said...

you are tagged sweetie.. do it soon!

At 2:26 PM, February 11, 2008, Blogger claytonia vices said...

very unusual post here... could not understand a thing... OK, I will blame it on K... :D


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