Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Kronicles must go on...!!

They say "The show must go on". I say, the "Kronicles must go on". Pearl is missing from the face of planet earth, this however is no reason for someone to not post Kronicles. The reader should be entertained, I say! So I'm here with the Pearl Kronicles ;)

(Initially posted on my blog)

Pearl off late has been experimenting with the "Scooty". With the old scooty that I, in the good old days, used to ride. Its the scooty that took me to Sinhagad. Its the scooty that took me to Khadakwasla Dam. That took me across 30 km of the Bombay-Bangalore bypass. Nostalgia... always strikes at the wrong time!!!

Well, to go on, Pearl one fine day is riding along. Day-dreaming about being the Maharastra Board Pune division SSC topper, and BANG!!!! On regaining her senses she realises that she had banged into this nice fat round BLACK buffalo!!!! Pretty much love at first sight. Pearl fell in love, head over heals! Honestly!!!!!!!! And she refuses to tell either Bond or Mom about it. Now the trauma (!?!!!!) of first love is so so so so so so much that poor little Pearl has started fantasising about Sex with the buffalo. About waking up, looking into the enchanting eyes of the buffalo next to her.

I think I'm traumatised now ;)


At 5:24 PM, November 20, 2013, Blogger Kusum rao said...

Hey thr, Very nice blog. Me and my sister are also planning to visit Sinhagad Fort on our scooty from pune. was wondering if the ghat roads were safe to ride? Did you used to switched off the engine on your way back downhill? Thanks, Kusum


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